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Transform Your Space With Our Flooring Solutions!


Did you know carpet tiles are often healthier for students? They reduce noise by absorbing from 33 to 50% of sounds produced. They regulate temperatures. They release unwanted moisture that would have otherwise cause mold and odor.  In addition to improving health and safety, the right installations have also proven to enhance learning.  Show school pride, offer comfort, and inspire creativity with your design. Be it in hallways, classrooms, or cafeterias, Carpet Tile Love can help you choose flooring solutions that upgrade the health and safety of your school, improve student achievement, positively affect retention, and are easy to maintain! 


Our flooring solutions focus on high-quality products that are timeless and inspiring. Not only are carpet tiles budget friendly, but their attractive functional durability offers a great ROI. At Carpet Tile Love, we believe in nurturing and encouraging our customers’ creativity to come up with a design that best fits the needs of your business. With carpet tiles, you do not have to worry about cutting in designs, or cutting into your budget to personalize your space. Use carpet tiles to effectively brand and personal  any  space. 

Commercial &
Luxury Vinyl Tile

Ok, you know how much I LOVE carpet tile, so…Why LVT?   Sometimes you just need a hard surface alternative.  Luxury vinyl tile mimics the look of natural wood or stone and is even available in abstract pattern designs…but at a much lower cost. LVT's multi-layered construction allows for a very different acoustic profile than other types of hard flooring because it is much better at absorbing sound.  This creates a quieter work environment compared to real wood or another hard flooring.  Other reasons to go with LVT:


  • Lower potential for VOCs and mold or mildew issues when compared to soft surface floors

  • Maintenance is easier and less costly, and it wears better over time in heavy traffic areas.

  • Can withstand water, sunlight and heavy traffic - some materials even come pre-treated for cleaning and infection control

  • Now available in new sizes and shapes, such as hexagons and planks, making new and innovative designs possible

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Discover Milliken

At Carpet Tile Love, we believe in offering high-quality and  beauty that  positively impacts your indoor space. SO,  why Milliken? 13 Lifetime warranties, rigorous product testing, continuous improvement, and staying value driven and data informed  - because of the way it’s made, Milliken sets the bar high.

Optimal solutions for heavy traffic areas

Let us help you with 

  • Schools and Libraries

  • Commercial offices

  • Reception areas

  • Community centers and Halls

  • Restaurants and Bars

  • Retail space

  • Airports 

  • Doctors offices

  • Dentist offices

  • Corporate offices 

  • Tenant build out

  • Call Centers

  • Churches & Places of worship

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